FARO Quantum -Scan arm 2018


FARO Quantum -Scan arm 2018

Warren, MI


Laser Line Width The FAROBlu and PRIZM LLPs feature a laser line width of 150mm. The extensive line width scans a larger area, delivering fast and efficient scanning. Advanced Sensor The FAROBlu and PRIZM LLP cameras use the most advanced CMOS technology to deliver incredibly fast frame rates (the number of times per second that the camera gathers new data on the part being scanned). Ergonomics Designed with ergonomics in mind, our LLPs are aligned with natural wrist position in mind. The natural position of the wrist is similar to the way you hold a coffee mug or hammer, and the intuitive scanning flow is left to right (not top to bottom). FARO has designed the scanning beam to be vertically oriented to minimize fatigue and drive scanning efficiency


ManufacturerFARO / Quantum
ModelQuantum LLP-HD